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Nupharma International

NuPharma International (NPI) is a leading provider of customized nutritional supplements. The company's comprehensive partnership approach to client servicing is unique within the industry, combining clinical research, advanced quality assurance testing methodologies, superior sourcing and packaging capabilities, and broad marketing experience to provide nutritional products that are formulated to address specific health conditions.

NPI maintains a commitment to health, scientific integrity, and quality. We provide comprehensive solutions that include custom formulations based on scientific research, Good Manufacturing Practice standards, supervision of international regulatory compliance, and marketing support. We work to develop successful solutions for our clients' nutritional product needs. With the manufacturing facilities in California and scientific support from USA and Europe, NPI is able to full fill the needs of customers around the world.
NPI provides customized nutritional products based on the unique needs of individual clients. New products and formulas are researched and tested prior to shipping, ensuring the highest level of quality in every formulation. Our team of scientists utilizes verified results of scientific research and clinical studies to design customized nutritional products. In addition, we work closely with our customers to develop clinical studies that demonstrate the bioavailability and effectiveness of products. NPI has performed clinical investigations in affiliation with renowned universities and research institutions, both in the United States and internationally. The science behind our formulations ensures that our customers receive the most advanced nutritional supplements available. Raw Material Acquisition and Evaluation
The manufacturing process begins when we receive a formal copy of the customer's purchase order. The order is entered into our state-of-the-art computer system, which manages all aspects of raw material delivery, packaging coordination, and shipment tracking. A printout is generated specifying which raw materials are needed to complete the order, and approved raw material vendors are contacted. NPI has highly scientific educated specialist searching for raw materials in locations around the globe. Various resources flourish in diverse environments and we locate the finest materials available. NPI evaluates these materials with respect to their physical and chemical properties in order to confirm that key specifications are met.